Ten things that always clutter up your apartment

No matter how hard we try to make our place look better, it looks nothing like the luxurious apartments from fashion magazines. Though we follow all the design concepts, combine colors, and stick to one particular style, the result is always far from perfect.


Refrigerator magnets


Though fridge magnets can be quite useful, they make a kitchen look untidy. If you collect them, arrange a special place for your memorable collection on a wall with the help of a magnet board or magnetic paint.




Souvenirs are even worse than fridge magnets, as it is much more difficult to find an appropriate place for keeping them. However, you can make them look nicer by organizing your collection into one cohesive place. Find a proper place for every souvenir. For example, use the mantelpiece for storing only jewelry boxes.


Dishwashing liquids


Designers believe that a kitchen wouldn’t look classy if there was to dishwashing soap in plain view. However, every host needs various detergents and cleaning powders to do their household chores. Still, here is a fashionable solution: buy reusable dispensers the same color and style as your kitchen.


Keeping things on an ironing board


Some people use their ironing board as a place for piling stuff. However, designers insist that you should always put the ironing board away after using it. There are lots of great options for keeping it out of everyone’s sight, such as this collapsible model.


Footwear scattered all over the hall


Sometimes we have to use lots of different footwear to match uncertain weather conditions. In this case, experts advise finding a way to store all the boots, sneakers, and shoes without making your guests stumble over them. You can use an ottoman with internal drawers or a coat stand. As a result, you will get more free space, and your hall will become much more organized.


Multicolored towels in the bathroom


When you imagine your bathroom after a series of renovations, bath towels with dolphins on them are not part of the picture, right? A towel that doesn’t match the general style of the bathroom can spoil everything. Nevertheless, do not hurry to get rid of every piece of the interior that doesn’t suit the new design. You can always keep some of the articles until you replace them with new ones.


Sports equipment


If you haven’t used your exercise bike for ages, then you may not use it at all. Do you really want it taking up space in your apartment? Though if you train regularly, then you can arrange a special place for keeping your dumbbells and other fitness equipment (use the balcony, for example).


Bed linen


If your bedroom is full of antiques and gorgeous paintings, then you’d better not choose leopard print for the sheets. There are two solutions: you can either gradually replace the unsuitable blankets, or hide them with a huge coverlet and several throw pillows.


Kitchen necessities


It is hard to believe, but spices, herbs, and oil can be stored without numerous packages and cans. As soon as you organize the kitchen properly, the process of making food will turn into a pleasure, and the room itself will look much more orderly and clean.


Children’s toys


Everyone knows that it is hard to keep the house tidy when you have kids. However, it is possible. Equip the children’s room with colorful containers for toys. Apart from being beautiful and stylish, they can help teach your kids to be more organized and responsible.

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