Inventions That Show The Future Is Now

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Every time we get a look at the old ways of doing things, it boggles the mind to think about how people could stand them. They always seem so slow and full of unnecessary hard work.

Of course, our parents and grandparents were thinking the same thing about the last generation. Eisenhower’s teleprompter seems inconvenient compared to modern models, but it sure beat just having someone flip between cue cards back in the day.

But the real fun comes when we think about this in reverse. What are we doing today that’s going to seem laughably outdated to future generations?

To answer that, all we can do is turn to the big inventions and projects we have on the way.

It’s too early to say which of these inventions will end up taking off, but our grandchildren will probably take the ones that do for granted.


There’s such a thing as lab-grown beef.

If you like beef but don’t like the idea of killing cows, some labs can create meat products from stem cells. The only problem is it costs $18,000 a pound right now.

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A Superman memory crystal can store data for one million years.

Not only that, it can hold about 360 terabytes of data, the same amount of data contained in half a million CDs.

Inventions 02


The Mojoe is a coffee mug that brews on the go.

Pour in the water and coffee grounds and you have all you need to brew and drink about eight ounces of coffee wherever you go.

Inventions 03


An armband can let you feel virtual reality.

Using sensors and electronic pulses, it can tell when you’ve “touched” something and tricks your brain into telling you what it feels like.

Inventions 04



A robot is learning to adapt to people being jerks.

Earlier robot models had a hard time dealing with someone interrupting them, but Atlas here keeps going even if you push it over.

Inventions 05



This knife can cut a drop of water in half.

No, it’s not THAT sharp. It’s made of superhydrophobic materials, which means it can never get wet.

Inventions 06



The Hyperloop will allow people to travel at 620 miles per hour.

And with its system of low pressure tubes and support pillars, it’s actually supposed to be comfortable. Now they just need the government to adopt it.

Inventions 07



Light-based Li-Fi works 100 times faster than Wi-Fi.

And it’s powered by special LED bulbs, so there’s no radio interference.

Inventions 08



You can put a heart monitor on a business card now.

Looks like the FitBit has opened a lot of doors!

Inventions 09



Researchers in Austin, Texas can make wearable tech in 20 minutes.

These stretchy “tattoos” can read and transmit a person’s vital signs and muscle movements while sitting on the person’s skin.

Inventions 10



Scientists are using this machine to create a 3D map of our galaxy.

It’s called the Gaia Payload Module. When its job is complete, it will have charted out over 1 billion stars.

Inventions 11



The MJ v.1.0 will allow you to make music with a jacket.

Using the jacket’s touchpads and motion sensors, aspiring DJs can show off their work anywhere they go.

Inventions 12



NASA’s X1 Exoskeleton will help astronauts walk in space.

And they’re planning to use it to help people with disabilities walk for the first time.

Inventions 13



FUNN created the first holographic magazine.

Mixing the magazine with a smartphone app makes for the ultimate pop-up book. Sadly, you won’t see it for a while because they couldn’t get enough funding.

Inventions 14



The MyShake App lets you detect earthquakes.

The app reads the ground shaking and sends it to scientists to help create an early warning system. You can’t turn it off, but it doesn’t take much power to use.

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