16 Pictures That Are Too Beautiful To Believe


With how easy tools like Photoshop have made manipulating photos, it’s no surprise that people would be a little skeptical when an amazing picture comes out. And sometimes, they’re right. Colors can be enhanced, things can be added or taken out and, with enough talent, it can look as real as anything.

But sometimes, the right combination of light, perspective, and the world’s craziness can do what seems impossible. The photo really is just that amazing.

We’re going to go through 16 of those kind of unbelievably great pictures right now!



1. It’s amazing what you can see when the water’s clear enough. For anyone planning their next scuba dive, this is in Curaçao.




2. This seems like a scene from an eerie fairy tale, but it’s really what Prague looks like at dusk.




3. These jellyfish are as beautiful as they are dangerous. And the creepy hum they make when they’re hungry doesn’t help.




4. After winter, you can see shipwrecks from the sky in Lake Michigan. That’s because there’s a small window in the spring before the algae comes back.




5. This seems unreal, but the mud on these trees really line up that well. Sadly, this was the result of a toxic red mud spill.




6. It’s not unusual to see a fallow deer in Switzerland, but it’s not every day you see a white one like this.




7. Ultrasounds just got a lot more up close and personal. Is there anything a 3D printer can’t do?




8. To see these ice giants up close, you have to climb to one of Austria’s highest caves. It seems worth it to this explorer, though.




9. Here we see the end of a hard-fought war. Both their faces and their numbers tell you so much about what happened.




10. You don’t have to be at war to feel overwhelmed. Apparently, this can happen when guards lock their knees.




11. Talk about needing a bigger boat. This is equal parts awe-inspiring and terrifying.




12. The Corn Du mountain in Wales is a great place for stargazing. Take note of the weather, though. If it’s foggy up there, you won’t see anything.




13. This is how they fed fish back in 1955. The whole thing just feels like a photo out of time




14. This shows you just how big the Queen Victoria water lily is. It can hold up to 100 pounds too.




15. The longer they work, the greener this field will get. In case you’re wondering, they’re picking marigolds.




16. I didn’t know either, but they’re trying to get a look at the Queen. When the crowd gets too thick, you have to improvise.



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